Name: Anonymous 2014-03-02 19:35

Putin: "We need to keep russians safe in Ukraine!"

John Kerry: "In the 21th century, you just don't act in a 19th century manner, by invading another country with a completely made up excuse!"

Putin: "The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence."

John Kerry: "My God, you're right! You're obviously just doing it in the name of freedom! Well, carry on then!"

Europe: "Not so fast! We have the UN and the G8 and all manners of unions and pacts, so that we can stand united against the super powers! Together we will assemble into a giant robot and do battle!"

Putin: "Oh go fuck yourself, Europe."

Europe: "Oh no, Putin spoke, and he has the veto power! We now have to go fuck ourselves, like the powerless, pre-lubed up babies we are!"

Putin: "Okay, so now that we have Ukraine, what country do we destabilize next? This game of funding and supporting protesters against governments, is really too easy. I'll give Europe five more years, before they're all learning russian in their schools and we're burning all their culture, like we've done with so many countries before. I say we invade Finland next. Sweden doesn't have a military, so once we defeat Finland, we get Sweden for free, and from there we control the north coast of Europe."

Sweden: "But we have the UN to protect us! ...and pacts! ... We're so fucked!"
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Name: Anonymous 2014-04-05 4:18

While pres. Obama holds meetings, Putin holds the fate of the free world in his hands.

Name: Anonymous 2014-04-06 7:59

Whats the US doing then? >waiting just like WW2

Name: Anonymous 2014-04-06 8:28

USA - No where to be seen - *Flashback* WW2

Name: Anonymous 2014-04-06 8:29

USA - No where to be seen - *Flashback* WW2

Name: Anonymous 2014-04-06 17:20

You may want to keep some details straight on who sucks for what reason.
Compared to DPRK and Middle East dictatorships, where you get executed for missing Salat or refusing penis circumcision.
The DPRK leaves your penis up to you, as long as you just keep that pic of the Dear Leader hang straight (and prominently) on your wall.

That's just one of those Forbidden Facts that won't get any airtime as long as (news etc) media are so thoroughly monopolized. This highly praised (by Murdoch and his ilk) Fight For Freedom™ is only ever used as a pretext for already-existing preparations for war.
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Name: Anonymous 2014-03-04 10:18

I like how athiests say that if you make an extraordinary claim (like that God exists) you have to have extraordinary claims to back it up. They say that books and writing isn't enough to prove this claim, because anybody could have just forged the Bible and just *claiming* to be an authority on the matter.

In 50 years from now, or a few hundred years from now, people believing that the holocaust happened, will face the same problem. They say that there's "mountains of evidence" to support this highly extraordinary claim, but with time, this mountain will be eroded into an amount of evidence no bigger than the Bible. Then people will point and laugh at the jews and their "fabled" extinction, going "Well, you're still *here*, aren't you? How do you explain *that*? I don't believe in your religious texts - I'm an atheist.".
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Name: Anonymous 2014-03-26 11:07


A plane can still be found if effective method are used :

How inmarsat plotted the route of plane

Even if the entire airplane's communications system stopped, inmarsat will manage to detect pings, which are transmitted hourly automatically from the plane's terminal.

   Engineers then looked at the "Doppler Effect", which is the change in frequency due to the movement of the satellite.

(Post truncated)

Name: Anonymous 2014-04-03 20:25

Let me see if I get the question; Are you looking for fundamental differences between Holocaust and Creationism? Or similarities?

I'd say there are basic similarities; Both are belief structures that demand to be believed in, with "evidence" ranging from "I don't believe in your evidence" to "Believe as I tell you, or else!"…

—  Creationism states that a fuckton of archaeological evidence isn't really proof, since it fails to properly support the story of Intelligent(?) Design.
Evidence offered: Little. Rather, it refuses to accept the evidence provided by actual science. But it still demands to be listened to, even believed in.

—  Holocaust is the story of how a cultured nation suddenly became the Ultimate Eeeevil Empire™, and turned its existing concentration camps into dedicated death camps, basically for the Evulz.
Evidence offered: Non-believers are put in jail (in the name of Democracy™ and Freedom™) and framed as Nazis, effectively giving _actual_ Nazis some kind of monopoly on phrases like "Truth does not fear an investigation". And, in the process, a monopoly on _actually_ being interested in _actual_ truth.
(Post truncated)

Name: Anonymous 2014-04-05 5:48

I'm afraid, today nobody cares about the truth, which is multifaceted and boring. The Holocaust became your usual name-calling game: label your political opponent Nazi, before he labels you.

Name: Anonymous 2014-04-05 8:16

Joseph Stalin has not been mentioned, although he made Hitler look like an amateur, having slaughtered many more millions of his own people, including Jews. And Mao Zedong was no slouch, having had millions of his own people slaughtered; plus, he successfully committed genocide against several non-Han Chinese, completely exterminating them.
A sure sign of mass indoctrination in America is always resorting to the Hitler card. So Juvenile and uninformed.

Name: Anonymous 2014-04-06 17:07

I tend to summarize the Eastern Front part of that war, as having two basic phases;
1) Hitler and Stalin racing to kill most Russians. Stalin won.
2) Hitler and Stalin racing to kill most Germans. Stalin won.
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Name: Anonymous 2014-03-28 5:22


face it anyone to the left of ayn rand, it's over, just give up and get behind corporate america

Name: 4ct !3lWjo8kf8k 2014-04-02 15:41

Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight.
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Name: Anonymous 2014-01-03 9:37

"Cultural development is never easy" yet we need a new way of living more than ever. The gap between the rich and poor in unsustainable. Robots WILL take all the jobs. The mining of earths resources in unsustainable. Our pollution output in unsustainable.  I could go on but its easy to see capitalism is unsustainable, unless we change the system capitalism will suck the planet dry of all its finite resources and will replace all the jobs with robots because they are cheaper.   What say you? How do you feel? What can we do?
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Name: Anonymous 2014-01-06 10:51

by the time oil runs out oil should be obsolete. well it will never be obsolete but it will not be in such high demand.

Name: Anonymous 2014-01-09 9:30

that's the spirit, don't think in absolutes, be pragmatic

Name: Anonymous 2014-03-28 10:36


By joining earth hour : http://www.earthhour.org

Name: Anonymous 2014-03-28 14:49


Name: Anonymous 2014-04-02 1:58

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Name: Anonymous 2014-02-23 5:16

Rise and shine

It is important to develop and nurture relationships at work. When you are visible you will be noticed.

Practise five strategies to stand out and get noticed at work

DO YOU sometimes feel you struggle with the "invisible" phenomenon? Do you feel you work hard but aren't really "noticed"? Or perhaps you feel taken for granted?

   You may be asking yourself why you need to be noticed at all. You are doing your work, getting your pay, so what difference does it make if you get noticed or not?

   Well, yes, it does matter. If you are not noticed, you are not in people's minds, you may be passed up when new projects come in, when promotions come up, when new opportunities aries and when recognition is due.

   Here are five great strategies you can use to get noticed for all the right reasons:

1 Be sociable and network

If you are always hiding behind your computer and keeping your head down, no one will know you even exist. People may not even know who you are.

   Spend a few minutes at the start of the day or at lunchtime to meet and greet your colleagues. Chat to people you don't usually chat with when you see them in the lift or in the pantry. Smile at a stranger. You may make a new friend.

   It is important to develop and nurture relationships at work. When you are visible, you will be noticed. When you are noticed, you will be top of mind for that new project, and you will get more help than someone who does not network.

   Keep building your network outside working hours too; socialising with colleagues after work is a great way to get to know them better and be a real team player.

2 Help your colleagues succeed

I believe a lot of my career success has been a direct result of helping to create opportunities for others, doors have opened for me too.

   Helping other is a great sign of collaborative leadership, great teamwork and self-confidence. You can help others as well as yourself by developing a close relationship with all your colleagues.

   Show you are constantly working together, helping each other, guiding each other and providing each other with hands-on support.

   And don't forget it works both ways. While you are helping others, be just as enthusiastic about learning from your colleagues. In this way, you are building mutually productive and rewarding relationships where everyone wins.

3 Accept responsibilities

If you say "It's not my job," that will get you noticed for the wrong reasons. Perhaps take on something that requires creative thinking, or event organising, or something else you are interested in that is not particularly in your job scope.

   But a word of warning here: Be sure you still manage all of your current responsibilities well. The last thing you need is to get noticed for the wrong reasons.

4 Get involved

Don't be someone who just does his work and then goes home. Get involved in your company's events. Join the lunch-time yoga class, help out with charity events, join your colleagues for a karaoke evening, or something like that.

   If you're not one for singing or sports, how about helping out with logistics? These are places to be seen and noticed, and to make new friends too.

5 Stay away from politics

It is sad but true that there are political weeds in most worksplaces. Some people even think it will give them a leg up if they get involved in politics.

   My advice is, don't get caught up in any of this negativity. Instead, keep focused on being positive, effective and productive, and creating an impact at work.

   It doesn't hurt to know who the weeds are though, so you can give them a wide berth.

If you start working on all these five strategies, you will not only start getting noticed, you'll make more friends and have more fun at work.

   Put more drive and energy into your work, keep a smile on your face, and keep your head up instead of down as you walk around the office.

   Start spreading some positivity and energy around the office, and others will feel it and start sharing it too. Don't just work with your head. Start working with your heart too. You will find yourself being noticed for all the right reasons.

Name: Anonymous 2014-03-21 20:29

Ooooooooor you can turn the not-being-noticed flaw into an advantage.

Consider the following:
Sensitive info leaks from the place you work in into public (or online, for that matter). There are lower chances that you'll be a suspect. At least the prime one.

Name: Anonymous 2014-03-29 14:53


Totally wrong. Who is the more likely suspect: the centre of everybody's attention and somebody who is gregarious, or the quiet person in the corner. Outsiders are the prime suspects always.
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Name: Anonymous 2014-03-16 5:36

Mild climate 'helped' in Genghis Khan's rise'

Washington - A pleasantly warm and wet spell in central Mongolia eight centuries ago may have propelled the rise of Genghis Khan, according to a United States study.

   Researchers analysed tree rings spanning 11 centuries, showing that the conqueror seized power during dry times and was able to expand his empire across Asia during an unusual stretch of good weather.

   The years before Genghis Khan's rule were marked by severe drought from 1180 to 1190, said the study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal.

   But from 1211 to 1225, as the empire spread, Mongolia saw an ususual period of sustained rainfall and mild temperatures.

   "The transition from extreme drought to extreme moisture right then strongly suggests that climate played a role in human events," said study co-author Amy Hessl, a tree-ring scientist at West Virginia University.

   "It wasn't the only thing, but it must have created the ideal conditions for a charismatic leader to emerge out of the chaos, develop an army and concentrate power."

   For the oldest samples, Dr Hessl and lead author Neil Pederson, a tree-ring scientist at Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, focused on an unusual clutch of trees found while researching wildfires in Mongolia.

   The gnarled, stunted Siberian pines were emerging from cracks in an old solid-rock lava flow in the Khangai Mountains, according to a statement from Columbia.

   Trees living in such conditions grow slowly and are particularly sensitive to changes in weather, so they provided an abundance of data to study.

   Some of the trees had lived for more than 1,100 years. One piece of wood the scientists found had rings going back to about 650 BC.

   Researchers compared those samples to younger fallen trees and pieces bored from living trees.

Name: Anonymous 2014-03-27 21:19

make the switch to fluorescent bulbs today: only you can prevent the next golden horde!

Name: Anonymous 2014-03-28 1:21

implying I want to prevent the next golden horde

what a glorious thing it is to live with great courage and die with everlasting fame!

Name: Anonymous 2014-03-28 3:22

Let's not kid ourselves, the Khan would take one look at our clean white skin and weak upper bodies and nod toward the executioner. Why feed, clothe, arm and instruct us when we can't outshoot a 3 year old steppe child?

Name: Anonymous 2014-03-28 14:51

great khan would never massacre anyone who surrendered without a fight! I'm sure there are some big gay guys in his army!

Name: Anonymous 2014-03-29 4:46

Khan's empire is still alive, only that it is called "Russian Federation", and the whole region speaks similar language:
The word tenge in the Kazakh and most other Turkic languages means a set of scales (cf the old Uzbek tenga or the Tajik borrowed term tanga). The origin of the word is the Turkic teŋ- which means being equal, balance. The name of this currency is thus similar to the lira, pound and peso. The name of the currency is related to the Russian word for money Russian: деньги / den'gi, which was borrowed from Turkic.
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Name: Anonymous 2011-02-10 16:45

Seriously, how can anyone put a nigger beside a human and say they are the same species. Such action does not exist anywhere in the animal kingdom. It's about time people get their heads out of their asses and admit the truth... niggers are some dead end branch of hominids that are infused with evil intent, a violent nature, gibs-me-dat and a brain that can't mature past muh-dick or muh-poosie
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Name: Anonymous 2014-03-26 21:29

There is no difference between the brain of black and white people so we are equal. Don't you have something better to do?

Name: Anonymous 2014-03-27 15:03

no they can become doctors and fly planes and shit, I've seen it

they were just maltreated, they are all lower class, they need to embrace capitalism some more

Name: Anonymous 2014-03-27 17:26

You guys really are ignorant, you sit here say saying op is rascist and wrong but thats just it, that's all you're saying is "you're wrong you bigot". you arent actually even attempting to debate any of the points he brought up that are all entirely valid, you would be lying to yourself to say otherwise, now dont get me wrong, i do not convey any sorts of rascism in public as it's pointless, but if you cant simply look at the history of blacks and realize they are fucking retarded, then you're lying to yourself.

Name: Anonymous 2014-03-27 21:33

So what if Blacks hadn't made a religion you think is cool? they've shown they're more than capable of existing within others, so it's not like the lack of an indigenous African Religion means they are inherently soulless, or whatever.

but take any country in Europe, and ask what religion it created. most of them never created anything beyond barbarism, witchcraft, trial by ordeal and the rest. eventually they would just take up some weird religion from the east which was deeper, just like how blacks down to the equator took up Islam.

Race is pointless thing to categorize by, it's like if You looked at Columbus OH and said and said "Ha, look at those people from Columbus, they're so ignorant they have never made a complex religion or contributed anything to the arts, unlike those Cincinattians which they took their religion and art from, Those Cincinattians are so obviously superior"
before you talk about how blacks never contributed anything to religion, you need to establish it is you are dividing religious accomplishments by race?

Name: Anonymous 2014-03-28 0:22

On average, the brains of African-Americans are 5% smaller than the brains of Whites and 6% smaller than East Asians, according to studies of brain weight at autopsy, endocranial volume of empty skulls, head size measurements by the U.S. military and NASA, and two dozen MRI volumetric studies.

That is a genetic trait because even malnourished Asians from poor countries have a larger brain on average than well fed blacks from western countries.


Beals, K. L., Smith, C. L., & Dodd, S. M. (1984). Brain size, cranial morphology, climate, and time machines. Current Anthropology 25, 301–330.

Ho, K. C., Roessmann, U., Straumfjord, J. V., & Monroe, G. (1980). Analysis of brain weight: I and II. Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine 104, 635–645.
(Post truncated)
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Name: Anonymous 2013-12-13 12:49

want to know the ULtimate redpill? why average people are so docile and easily influenced? they are in fact drugged. cas omorhines from milk products, gluten morphine byproducts(grains containing gluten),chocolate areall opioid analogues to keep   sheeple pacified. thats why its called "bread and circuses".
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Name: Anonymous 2013-12-31 14:25

OP didn't mention government, however there is implicit assumption that unless these opioids are provided the masses cease to be "pacified" thus being capable of overthrowing government.
But the assumed connection is a mistake: the opioids are not forced, they are consumed willingly(due addiction) by the population, because milk products and gluten-heavy grain products were typical staples since thousands of years before written history. Governments/States/Kings consumed the same food.

Name: Anonymous 2014-01-23 5:13

I feel like the point is that the typical American is a sheep, does whatever he or she is told and doesn't ask questions. Learn for yourself instead of just lashing out and calling out our differences or passing judgement (like name calling) it would be awesome to get on here for the sole purpose of expanding and sharing knowledge (: let's walk together, proud of our differences, seeking truth

Personally, I do believe processed and refined food is not good for my body so I try to steer clear. It's an informed decision, on a larger scale sort of like what religion to choose or not to choose. Everyone must learn on their own. There are so many educational books on the food service industry and how food affects one's mood and overall body.

Name: Anonymous 2014-01-27 4:37

Actually people generally resist authority and ask questions.

The problem is they're misinformed, they chase after red herrings, blaming everything on capitalism, jews or the illuminati when in reality the real criminals are far better at covering their tracks and finding them out requires long honest meticulous work with checks and balances to make sure the vigilantes don't become criminals themselves. Not conspiracy theories, angry mobs with pitchforks and witch hunts.

Name: Anonymous 2014-01-27 20:17

they wanna start filling bananas with pharmaceuticals, meat's full of estrogen, all food bought from stores is shit

Name: Anonymous 2014-03-24 8:11

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Name: Anonymous 2014-03-17 10:00

It is simple economics, the US is the most powerful country in the world and it has a large educated middle class that influence how this country is run, 535 senators and congressmen plus the Obama administration run a country with a GDP of $15.7 trillion and a government that spends $3.8 trillion, so each elected official influences the spending of something in the order of $5 billion to $30 billion dollars.

Let's say 1% of this $5 billion is spent on educational grants and subsidies and you want to influence an official to spend 1% of this $50 million on your college fund for your disadvantaged ethnic group, that would be a cool $500000 in your pocket. Even if you spent $10000 on advertizing and rallying up support for your little cause you would still profit from this.

On a larger scale you might have nation wide special interest groups, these groups can determine whether someone gets elected or not, if they say you are unamerican/racist/sexist/homophobe, then "boom", you're out of the race. Both senators will try their best to promise to ensure the leaders of these movements get their kickbacks and funding.

Influencing people is big business and that is what the institution of the American left wing is all about.

Name: Anonymous 2014-03-17 21:57

Name: Anonymous 2014-03-18 12:27

On a larger scale you might have nation wide special interest groups, these groups can determine whether someone gets elected or not, if they say you are unamerican/racist/sexist/homophobe, then "boom", you're out of the race.
Moral: you should start your own SIG, say "MDMA: Mentally Disabled Morons of America", which would circle-jerk to make you a lot of money. America has a lot of morons and it should be easy to control them.

Name: Anonymous 2014-03-21 12:54

morons don't like being called morons

I've observed it myself, call someone smart a moron and they will be all "yeah whatever dude". Call a moron a moron and they flip their shit "WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY TO ME NIGGA?" "OH LAUDY LAUD YOU DID NOT JUST SAY THAT YOU DID NOT JUST SAY THAT YOU DID NOT JUST SAY THAT" "HHHEEEEEELLLLL NOOOOO" "WHAT YOU SAY BOY? COME HERE".
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Name: Anonymous 2014-01-26 14:20

Ok guys, I got a serious question about the American politics here.
It's about the fact that even if one party would get 49,9% of all the votes in a state, the party with more votes will be given 100% of the votes after counting...(in the case of just 2 parties, otherwise the parties would have a bit less %'s but still the same principle).
Ok so let's say now that party A gets 100% of all the votes in 24 states and just 49,9% of all the votes in the remaining 26 states. Resulting in a win in 26 states for party B. This would result in party B winning right?
So wouldn't this make the entire system totally unfair? I know that this is practically almost impossible, but still there is a small chance...

Name: Anonymous 2014-01-28 21:07

That's exactly how it works, and in fact your example isn't too far off. Plenty of presidents have been elected even when their opponent got far more votes. Politicians routinely fuck with the voting district lines to ensure that projections show their party getting 55% of the votes in most areas while their opponents get 90% of the votes in a small number of areas.

Name: Anonymous 2014-03-15 14:30

>>1 & >>2

And what do your hope to achieve by being keyboard warriors?

Name: aoe 2014-03-18 1:40


If you're talking about presidential elections, this is relatively accurate.

To explain the presidential election system,
The president isn't elected by state or population, but by the "electoral college". Basically, for every senator or representative a state has, the state has 1 vote to use in the election. With 2 senators per state (no more, no less) and at least 1 representative (possibly more), each state has at least 3 votes. If a state has a large population, it will have a larger amount of representatives, giving it more votes as a state.
However, as counter-intuitive as it may be, living in a large and populous state actually results in less representation. This is because everyone gets about the same amount of representation through the house of representatives, but everyone has to share the vote for senators. Basically, the 600,000 people in vermont get 3 votes, but the 26 million texans get 38. Doing the math, vermont has .000005 votes per person, but texas has 0.000001462 votes per person, or about 1/3 the representation.

I think some states do split electoral votes if the other party gets enough of a vote, but not all of them. It's entirely possible/legal for states to do this, but I'm sure that many don't.
The lowest amount of support required to get elected is 22% of the population, through getting a close win in small states like Maryland, Montana, and Delaware while ignoring the larger states completely.
(Post truncated)
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